Music inspired by
the Film of the Same Name

**This collection of songs performed by an international blend of artists explores the world of the film [CORD]( and takes it beyond the frames of the screen. Features 100% original music inspired by the film, housed in screen printed sleeve.**


** Man Duo
(Jaako Eino Kalevi & Long Sam)
DJ Candle in the Wind
Transilvanian Galaxi
Silje Nes
Plaine d’Ozon
Matthieu Deniau
Doro Tutti
Kjetil Møster
Asako Fujimoto
Labot Narrow**

Limited edition of 300,
screen-printed sleeve on hi-bulk card stock,
shiny black vinyl.

Muscle Temple Records (Muscle 001).
Artwork and print by Blank Blank.
Printed at Muscle Temple Lab.
Mastered by Matthieu Deniau.

Hover to reveal the location on the map
**Movie poster incl. for the first 50 ones.**

**Shipping Mid-September**


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